By healing the earth, we heal ourselves. Let’s go green with eco-friendly window solutions for World Environment Day 2022!

This slogan is well known to all of us, and we do many things to conform to it. An eco-friendly lifestyle is not just a fad; it is a lifestyle you can live without sacrificing your style or budget. This World Environment Day, held June 5th 2022, make the switch to more environmentally friendly solutions.

If you are hunting for window shutters or screens that are energy-efficient and sustainable, there are a limited number of options available. But, we can help you find the best one to suit your need this World Environment Day.

Architectural screens

With the harsh Australian climate, architectural screens can enhance sustainability and comfort through light, heat, and sound protection.

In fact, because they are generally oriented to follow the sun’s movement, screens are a very cost-effective way to reduce heat loss and gain while reducing reliance on electricity.

Privacy screens

We have a harsh environment in Australia which includes lots of sunshine, rain, and wind. Despite poor weather, privacy screens allow you to use your backyard for entertaining and relaxing. They keep you and your family safe from the elements.

External Venetian blinds

External venetian blinds are lightweight and made of high-quality aluminium, so they don’t burden or damage the façade.

With weather-resistant aluminium and protective paint coatings, aluminium venetian blinds keep water, humidity, and sunlight from damaging them.

Roller shutters

In summer and winter, roller shutters trap air and keep you cool. It takes more than fans and air conditioners to create the perfect climate in a home.

Roller Shutters are great insulators in 3 ways. They support a double-glazing effect by insulating against extreme heat and cold. Slats that reflect sunlight will keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays out.

The roller shutter surface deflects much of the shortwave radiation generated.

World Environment Day - Eco Friendly Window Solutions

The beauty of nature can be brought into your room with eco-friendly, sustainable window coverings this World Environment Day. By installing these window solutions, you are also protecting the environment from every angle of your home.

To arrange a quote or chat about your options, contact the team at Giamar™ today.