How good does this Verandah Enclosure Broadford look!? Giamar™’s roller tilt shutters are a brilliant solution for your outdoor area.

We have some serious outdoor entertaining envy just looking at these photos. The practicality of these modern roller tilt shutters is clearly shown with this verandah enclosure in Broadford.

Broadford is a small town in central Victoria, which just goes to show how wide the Giamar™ service area is! When we installed this verandah enclosure, the homeowner really levelled up in the entertaining world.

After all, it’s like adding an entire new room onto the house. A verandah enclosure like this one in Broadford has so many benefits, from security to weather protection.

Roller Tilt Shutters - Verandah Enclosure Broadford

Security boost for your home or business

And, just like that, this house exterior got a whole lot more secure and safe! They have all the same benefits of our regular roller shutters, with a few added bonuses…

Light, weather, and noise control

With the slat design of Giamar™’s roller tilt shutters, you can control how much or how little light you let into an area. Choose how much protection you want from the weather, or how much noise you want to hear from the outside.

Roller Tilt Shutters - Verandah Enclosure Broadford

Plenty of privacy

Our customers all love this feature of our products. You can angle these slats to be able to take advantage of the sun, while maintaining privacy. This is particularly good when you have close neighbours or lots of passers-by.

Quality products, quality service

With Giamar™, you can trust you’re getting the best products and amazing service. We are committed to bringing our renowned products into your home or business and making it even greater. Not only do these products perform exceptionally well, but they are also beautiful to look at, adding to your property’s value and aesthetic.


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