At Giamar™, we love everything about Security Shutters. It might surprise many people to know that shutters have a long and rich history!

When you start looking into it, security shutters go way back to ancient times. Of course, we don’t have a comprehensive account for all types of shutters or secure window and door coverings. Historians and architecture buffs have, however, recorded some of the key events in the evolution of building shutters.

The Evolution of Window Shutters

Did the Ancient Greeks invent EVERYTHING?

It seems like they might have, and the security shutter is no exception! The first automatic roller door or shutter on record is as far back as the 1st Century AD. Scholar Heron of Alexandria invented what is considered by most to be the first automatic door. It might look very little like the modern profile roller shutters we have today, but it is definitely a distant relative!

Medieval England

The first recorded shutter involved solid wooden window shutters with iron bars in medieval England. The iron bar secured the shutter, adding protection to the building.

The Evolution of Window Security Shutters
The Evolution of Security Shutters

The French added style…             

As the French do, of course! 17th century France, under the rule of Louis XIV, saw the advent of louvred shutters. This means they had hinged, movable boards or slats, which look a lot like the shutters or venetian blinds that we see today. (Check out Giamar’s range of roller shutters and external venetian blinds to get an idea of how they work).

Louis XIV also might be the father of privacy screens, too! He had these louvred shutters installed around the ponds on the palace grounds, to give the ladies-in-waiting privacy as they bathed in them.

New World progress

From the 18th century, once colonisation around the world began to take hold, wooden window shutters became a global sensation. They also became part of the décor of properties, combining practicality, function, and style.


The Industrial Revolution and the introduction of steel

With the Industrial Revolution came the introduction of steel as one of the materials used for shutter panels. This is probably the first time the world saw security shutters as we know them.


20th Century and modern shutters

From the 1970s through to the 2000s, roller shutters became the manual and automatic roller shutters we see on homes and businesses today. Security and energy efficiency became primary functions of roller doors and shutters, but there was still plenty of room for improvement!

The Evolution of Security Shutters

Modern roller security shutters from Giamar™

Technology has certainly improved, and it doesn’t get any better than Giamar™’s range of window roller shutters for the ultimate in protection and design. Perfect for homes, shops, sliding doors, balcony, and patio enclosures, and industrial buildings, there are plenty of benefits. Enjoy security, UV protection, weather protection, increased privacy, noise reduction, a reduction in heating and cooling costs, and a great aesthetic profile.

The integrity of Giamar™’s shutters and screens is brilliant, with flexibility when it comes to colour, size, method of operation, and type. Made using high-quality, high-impact extruded aluminium, these products are virtually indestructible. Add exceptional installation and after-sales service and you can’t go wrong.

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