For many, living in the bustling and dense inner suburbs of Melbourne comes at the expense of privacy. Unless you’re like this property owner who recently installed Special Order Privacy Screens Port Melbourne.

With special order privacy screens, you can take back your privacy even in a busy suburb like Port Melbourne, allowing you to feel safe, secure, and comfortable at all times!

Protect Your Privacy 

Our latest customer, who has a home in Port Melbourne, found the lack of privacy in his neighbourhood unnerving. Indeed, seeing the silhouettes of passers-by and realising that strangers can easily see into your home makes it difficult to fully relax. To address these concerns, this Port Melbourne resident sought us out after seeing our special order privacy screens, which serve to completely block out views from outside to dramatically improve home security.

Special Order Privacy Screens Port Melbourne

Safeguard Your Home While Keeping It Light and Cosy!

Giamar™’s special order privacy screens are crafted to be stylish and homely, preventing outsiders from peeping in without making your house look like a prison. With a specially made slanted design, they also allow plenty of natural sunlight to enter your home, keeping the inside bright, open, and warm without sacrificing privacy. This design also helps to curb the impact of outside temperatures, reducing the need for air-conditioning and helping you maintain a budget while contributing to a net-zero future. 

Port Melbourne Needs Privacy!

While homes in Melbourne’s outer suburbs have large front yards with space to plant trees and hedges, inner Melbourne is generally not so lucky. Many homes in suburbs like Port Melbourne are situated virtually right next to the footpath, exponentially increasing the likelihood of damage to your property. Our privacy screens are painstakingly engineered from state-of-the-art materials, shielding your home from flying cricket balls, storm debris, large hail, violent winds, and whatever else the world decides to throw at your fragile windows. Best of all, they can be custom designed in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to complement your home’s style. 

If you feel the same as our customer in Port Melbourne, take a moment to browse through Giamar™’s range of privacy screens and start down the path to making your home safe, private, and protected.

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