There are hundreds of things to worry about when running a business.

Security shouldn’t be one of them.

May it be from intruders or weather concerns- you should feel confident that your products, employees and property are not at risk. That’s where Retail Security Shutters Springvale comes in. 

If you’re worried that your business isn’t safe, let the experts take care of you.

Retail Security Shutters Springvale - Optus Store

Giamar™ Shutters and Screens is a family-owned and operated company. They’ve been keeping people safe since 1995 and specialise in high-quality shutters. Not only will they design, manufacture and install shutters and blinds- they’ll also make sure you go home with the right product.

Why shutter or blind products? We’re glad you asked.

There are plenty of benefits to having shutter and external blind products. These include; extra security, control over light, additional privacy, winter warmth and the elimination of unwanted glare, external noise and the summer heat. They’re also fantastic if you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption at home.

At Retail Security Shutters Springvale there is a range of roller shutters, screens and blinds. Some popular products include:

  • Architectural Screens
  • Privacy Screens
  • External Venetian Blinds
  • Roller Shutters

Retail Security Shutters Springvale also offers unique roller tilt shutters. Roller tilt shutters provide excellent protection against storms, intruders and accidental damage, so you can stay safe. With double-skinned, strong, extruded aluminium slats, roller tilt shutters will put your worries at ease. They’re also powder coated and come in a wide range of complementary colours, 

Retail Security Shutters Springvale also designs, manufactures and installs custom products. So, you can get the perfect fit for your business. 

Still not convinced? 

Make an appointment today and head on in to see some fantastic shutters for yourself! The team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect product for your business. 

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