Check out one of our recent jobs – a custom install of Roller Tilt Shutters Westmeadows.

Giamar™ visited Westmeadows to install custom roller tilt shutters on a gorgeous suburban brick home. Being a two-story, open property with ample sunlight, this Westmeadows family decided on hiring us for three important reasons. Let’s take a look!


Roller Tilt Shutters Westmeadows

Full Customisation 

While there are a number of companies selling roller shutters, those offering full custom roller tilt shutters are few and far between. As a result, we design, manufacture, and install our roller tilt shutters to ensure they seamlessly integrate with your home’s architecture and aesthetic. Mass-produced alternatives may seem cheaper, but they risk providing limited protection, making them far less effective. No matter the shape, positioning, and colour of your home, we guarantee our products will be the perfect fit. As this family home in Westmeadows had a unique layout, customisation was naturally the first element they considered.

A Strong, Sturdy Build

Our roller tilt shutters boast tough, double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats to protect against break-ins and storm damage. While others may not be as strong, all our products are tested to ensure they live up to our expectations. Hence, being on a busy street with through traffic and having exposed double story windows, the durability of our roller tilt shutters played a significant factor in leading this Westmeadows family to us.

Total Control Over the Home  

With our roller tilt shutters, you’ll have more control over your home’s level of security, openness, light, temperature, and more. Additionally, you can enjoy additional protection against prying eyes, unwanted intruders, glare, summer heat, and damage. You’ll still having the option of opening everything up during parties, cold days, or to keep an eye on kids playing outside.


Roller tilt shutters Westmeadows for this home make it one of the most secure, adaptable, and energy efficient properties on the street. Get in contact with Giamar™ today to see what we can do for you!