Out in Melbourne’s northeastern suburbs, Giamar™ were on hand to install quality Roller Tilt Shutters Mernda.

The owner of this home chose to colour match their roller tilt shutters in Mernda to their window frames and house trims, creating a consistent look.

This wasn’t the only great benefit of these roller tilt shutters Mernda, however. There are tonnes of fantastic reasons to choose the innovative shutters.

So, what makes Giamar™’s roller tilt shutter products such a wonderful solution for Melbourne homes?

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

This technology gives is exceptional when it comes to protecting homes from the elements. With superior weather and UV protection, you can keep the warmth in during the colder months, while kicking that heat to the curb in scorching summer weather.

Roller Tilt Shutters Mernda
Roller Tilt Shutters Mernda 2

Energy Efficiency

With all the above benefits, you’ll find that it can help with energy efficiency in the home, contributing to your heating and cooling bills.

Plenty of Protection

Not only do you get superb privacy and security protection with our roller tilt shutter products, but you also have added benefits. UV protection and noise reduction are pretty handy bonuses. Be gone, pesky sounds of noisy neighbours and traffic!

Where Can You Use Roller Tilt Shutters?

Get creative! While they’re obviously perfect for windows, these roller shutters can be used to protect storefronts, for windows and skylights, verandah and patio enclosures. They are even used to secure storage areas. Indoors or outdoors, roller tilt shutters from Giamar™ will add value and functionality to your home or business property for many years to come.


Take advantage of our commitment to providing top-quality products and service. From the initial enquiry and quote, right through to manufacturing and installation, the Giamar™ experience is one that you won’t forget in a hurry. We’ll make sure you get the best product, custom-made for your property.

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