Roller Tilt Shutters Melbourne

Roller Tilt Shutters Melbourne


If you’re looking for an innovative approach to window roller shutters, look no more than Giamar™’s roller tilt shutters for your home in Melbourne. The tilt shutter feature of Giamar™ Roller Tilt Shutters allows you to control your environment by staying warm in winter and cool in summer with a one touch control. The external blinds with slats adjust to your desired angle, allowing you to manage the ambience, lighting and ventilation. Additionally, roller tilt shutters Melbourne maintain the safety benefits of normal window roller shutters. Alongside better control over your roller shutters, Giamar™ Tilt Shutters offer the advantages of added security, noise reduction from outside sources, and weather protection for your home.

Giamar™’s reliable roller tilt shutter installation gives you total privacy, weather protection, and can increase the property value of your home. Besides these excellent insulation and ventilation benefits, the tilt control also lets you manage the noise and light coming into your home. Giamar™ roller tilt shutters in Melbourne are designed, patented, and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. For all premium roller tilt shutter needs in Victoria, Giamar™ is the go-to company for innovative roller shutter solutions.

Like window roller shutters, Roller Tilt Shutters Melbourne provide:

  • Added home and business security
  • UV protection and extra shading for summer
  • Extra weather protection during winter
  • Total light and ventilation control
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Noise reduction
  • Added property value

Window shutters are used for:

  • Storefront businesses
  • Entry doors, sliding doors, patios enclosures
  • Windows and skylights
  • Screening porches
  • Inside and outside storage areas

Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted roller tilt shutter manufacturer and installer. Our tilt shutters are unique – you can only get it with Giamar! Contact us today to find out more about your window roller shutter options.


Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted manufacturer and installer for all your window roller tilt shutter needs. We find efficient, innovative, and versatile roller tilt shutters that address all your needs, ranging from privacy and security to saving energy and adding aesthetic value to the exterior of your home in Victoria. Window roller shutters by Giamar™ transform your business or personal property, giving you a comfortable, convenient, and secure interior. All our window roller shutters can be customised according to your needs, allowing you to choose the colour, size, and method of operation, whether it be remote-controlled, automatic, or manual.

Our biggest strength lies in the integrity, design and accessibility features of our products. At Giamar™, we set ourselves apart from typical roller shutters by using high-quality, high-impact extruded aluminium, a virtually indestructible material that can also be crafted into a space-saving exterior solution for all your privacy and security needs. We provide installation services, working at a high level of professionalism aimed at putting you at ease, making you feel safer with our premium window roller tilt shutters.

Find out more about how we set the high standard for advanced security and design for both homes and businesses.

Find out why Giamar™'s innovative Roller Tilt Shutters are setting the new standard in both advanced security and design

Available in a huge range of colours to suit your home

ask us for a consultation to colour match your home

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There are many choices to chosing the right colours for your home. Colours pictured are only a guide and indictative of the final colour.

Danielle Lazzara

We first heard about Giamar roller tilt shutters when my parents purchased them for their house. Originally, we looked at standard roller shutters but after some research we realised we would not have the maximum security we were looking for. Additionally we wanted our home to have natural daylight during the day while remaining safe and secure. After our decision to purchase Giamar roller tilt shutters we were pleased with the ease of the sales and installation process. We are so happy with our Giamar roller tilt shutters, they perform exactly how I was hoping they would perform.