Take inspiration from this home in Melbourne’s outer-east – complete with Roller Tilt Shutters Bayswater.

The Giamar™ team manufactured and installed these roller tilt shutters in Bayswater. Since they add privacy, security, and shade, it’s no surprise that more people are choosing roller tilt shutters as their window solution. Let’s take a look at the details.

Custom-Made Roller Tilt Shutters

As most homes have their own distinctive architecture, we customise our roller tilt shutters to seamlessly complement their surroundings. As you can see with this job in Bayswater, the roller tilt shutters were made to be long and narrow. They perfectly match the shape of the windows they cover for absolute protection. Powder coated in a creamy off-white to match the colour scheme of the home, this was particularly noticeable when compared with the similarly coloured gravel path directly in front.

Giamar - Roller Tilt Shutters Bayswater

Protect Your Home

Alongside providing a stylish accent, these roller tilt shutters diligently serve the practical purpose of protecting this Bayswater home from prying eyes, harmful UV rays, unpleasant glare, and, most importantly, break-ins and storm damage. Being made of double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats, they project a genuine aura of toughness, discouraging would-be intruders and resisting most natural damage.

Complete Control Over Your Home

Being shutters, they can be easily controlled to manage what’s coming into your home. From filling rooms with sunlight during the day to locking them tight at night, you’ll have total control over comes into your home from the outside world. Despite this all-encompassing protection, roller tilt shutters are far from the claustrophobic Fort Knox-like installation one might expect. While they appear to be sealed from the outside, their clever angled design allows light and views into your home. This means you still feel connected to the outside while remaining secure.


Give your home and family the protection it deserves while adding flair and style. Contact Giamar™ today to discover more about the many benefits of roller tilt shutters.