Summer and the storm season are upon us and now is a great time to protect your home like this owner did with their Roller Tilt Shutter Kew.

A roller tilt shutter Kew is a great addition to your home. Roller tilt shutters protect against temperature extremes, storms, intruders, and accidental damage to windows. They’re also great if you want added privacy.

The benefits of a roller tilt shutter in Kew

Roller tilt shutters, and other external blind products have a number of benefits. Firstly, they provide security for your home. They also allow control over light, privacy, unwanted glare, summer heat, winter warmth and external noise.


Roller Tilt Shutter Kew

Australian weather is temperamental at best, dangerous at worst. In environments where hail is a common nuisance and source of damage, roller shutters are one of the best defences your home can have. They are also equipped to withstand high winds. As a form of insulation, they will help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, helping to lower your energy consumption levels, and therefore lowering your bills. That’s a huge win!

Other products for your home

This family-owned and operated roller shutter company was established in 1995. Along with roller tilt shutters, they also specialise in other high-quality products like architectural screens, privacy screens, external venetian blinds and roller shutters. They design, manufacture, and install custom products.


The ultimate in strength and functionality

Unique roller tilt shutters have strong, double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats and are powder coated in a wide range of contemporary colours to suit your home colour scheme. They never fail to provide excellent protections against temperature extremes, storms, intruders, and accidental damage. As you can see, they are highly functional and look great too.

Protect your home not just from the elements, but unwelcome guests. For functional yet stylish custom-made rollers, contact Giamar™today.