Get the best of both worlds – the perfect combination of natural light and privacy – with Privacy Screens Toorak.

Giamar™ manufactured and installed these brilliant privacy screens in Toorak, giving the owners the security and privacy they were after, without stealing sunlight!

When you have a property with upper levels, just like this one in Toorak, it can be hard to achieve privacy in a way that also allows natural light to warm up and brighten the room. That problem was solved with these top-quality privacy screens, one of Giamar™’s most popular products.

For this particular job, Giamar™ manufactured the screens to match the colour of the property’s rendered exterior. The final product created a seamless, camouflaged look. This is where making to order is just so good. You can choose to colour-match and blend your privacy screens, like this owner, or create a stunning effect with a contrast colour.

Privacy Screens Toorak

These privacy screens Toorak are not just about privacy, though that’s their primary purpose. There are many other great benefits to choosing this product for your home, apartment, investment property, or business.

Security boost

The screens provide added security for this property. After all, we’d like to see any wannabe thieves try and get through them and into the windows! The window access is complete protected.

Shade as a bonus feature

Privacy screens, especially with larger installs, can also provide some shade from the harsh Australian sun, while still allowing lovely, filtered natural light in. We recommend these as a great alternative for west-facing windows, particularly for 2nd storey windows or higher.


Giamar™ has been servicing Melbourne since 1995 – creating, installing, and servicing privacy screens, roller shutters, roller tilt shutters, and external venetian blinds for property owners all over our wonderful city.

Find out how our products – like these privacy screens Toorak – could increase the functionality, beauty, and value of your home or business. Get in touch with Giamar™ today.