Privacy Screens Melbourne

Privacy Screens Melbourne
Privacy Screens Victoria


Increase your privacy with Giamar™’s high quality privacy screens. Recently, privacy screens have been gaining popularity not only for their privacy capabilities, but also for the shade and security benefits that they provide for properties all over Victoria. Privacy screens Melbourne suit a wide range of applications and an even wider variety of spaces. With increased light control, the capacity to provide greater shade and ventilation, as well as better privacy capability, privacy screens are the go-to for indoor and outdoor spaces where privacy matters the most.

Decorative privacy screens give you a retreat away from the world. You can enhance your relaxation and lounging atmosphere knowing that Giamar™’s privacy screens protect you and your business. From partial privacy to completely covered, privacy screens ensure that your space is your own. Privacy screens in Melbourne also regulate the amount of sunlight that filters through your space, providing you control over your own ambience and natural lighting. Additionally, our screens provide protection from strong winds and harsh sunlight, making it perfect for Australian weather conditions.

All your requirements – from choosing your screens right through to fitting and installation – will be handled with ease. Most of our clients agree that our products and services are of the highest calibre, fitting homes and businesses across Victoria. Privacy screen installation and manufacturing services by Giamar™ are made to fit virtually any type of construction, coming in a range of designs and colours to match the exterior of the home or building. With Giamar™, you can rest assured that your privacy screens are crafted with the highest quality materials, with care and with industry-leading professionalism. Work with us today and find out how Giamar™ can provide you with lasting comfort and privacy with our range of privacy blinds and screens.

Giamar™ recommends privacy screens for:

  • Spa enclosures
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Patio and deck screens and enclosures
  • Balustrades
  • Garage and carport screens

and more!

Giamar™ also suggests different uses for privacy screens, including window screening and enclosures for amenities such as:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Rubbish bins or unsightly areas
  • Aluminium fencing
  • Steel gazebos
  • Decorative screening

Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted shutter and screen manufacturer and installer. We put comfort, safety, and quality first for our clients all over Australia. Contact us today to find out more about your privacy blinds and screen options.


Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted manufacturer and installer for all your window roller tilt shutter needs, including outdoor sunshades, external venetian blinds and privacy screens Melbourne.  We have efficient, innovative, and versatile roller tilt shutters that address all your needs, ranging from privacy and security to saving energy and adding aesthetic value to the exterior of your home in Victoria. Alongside window roller shutters by Giamar™, our privacy screens transform your business or personal property, giving you comfortable, convenient, and secure exterior and interior spaces. Outdoor sunshade installations are available for all types of buildings and properties. We aim to use only the highest quality products while also providing our clients with customisation and design options that suit their needs.

Our biggest strength lies in the integrity, design, and accessibility features of our products. At Giamar™, we set ourselves apart from typical roller shutters by using high-quality, high-impact extruded aluminium, a virtually indestructible material that can also be crafted into a space-saving exterior solution for all your privacy and security needs. We provide installation services, working at a high level of professionalism aimed at putting you at ease.

Find out more about how we set the high standard for advanced security and design for both homes and businesses.

Privacy Screens Melbourne

Find out why Giamar™'s Privacy Screens are perfect for creating privacy for your home or business.

Available in a huge range of colours to suit your home

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