There are some great benefits when it comes to Giamar™’s Privacy Screens Melbourne for two-storey homes.

As land sizes and homes get smaller, it becomes increasingly challenging to avoid constructing houses that overlook other properties. The days of single-story homes with huge backyards and high fences are gone in many areas. Privacy screens Melbourne can help boost safety and security.

If you have a two-story home in Melbourne, you must now take care to prevent any spaces that allow you to peep into your neighbour’s home or vice versa. It includes balconies, windows, decks, terraces, and patios.

One such method is to use privacy screens. In congested areas, they divide a space, add unique visual components, and create your private retreat.

Benefits for Two-Storey Homes


Privacy screens can bring a dynamic element to your two-storey homes, blocking things that you do not want to see, and even preventing others from peeping into your space. They are not only a stylish option, but they can also be helpful. The following are the advantages of privacy screens.

1. Increased Privacy

These screens will keep away nosy and curious neighbours and passersby from peeping into your personal space. Thus, you can ensure that others do not intrude into your privacy.

2. Shade

It’s always good to get some shade on a hot summer day and when the sun is pounding down on your balcony. A privacy screen can provide this much-needed break from the direct sunlight’s heat.

3. Wind Resistance

The retention system on privacy screens is excellent, and it can withstand severe winds blowing into your home, especially your second floor. The wind resistance feature decreases the risk of condensation and moisture on windows while keeping your things safe and undisturbed.

Privacy Screens Melbourne - Benefits for Two-Storey Homes

We are a family-owned and operated roller shutter company in Melbourne, established in 1995, specialising in high-quality shutters. When you choose Giamar™, you are choosing a company that helps you from concept and manufacture, to installation and maintenance. We can help with architectural screens, external venetian blinds, privacy screens, roller shutters, and roller tilt shutters.

Our privacy screens come with several benefits: privacy, light control, unwanted glare, summer heat, winter warmth, and external noise. They help with residential energy consumption as well. We design, manufacture, and install customised products. If you are looking for privacy screens in Melbourne then contact Giamar™. Our expert team can help you with advice and options.

Giamar - Privacy Screens Melbourne for Two-Storey Homes
Giamar - Privacy Screens Melbourne for Two-Storey Balcony Enclosures