Privacy Screens Chelsea – Privacy by the Beach

One way to protect your home from the summer sun glare without blocking your view is with Privacy Screens Chelsea.

Privacy screens like those installed at this Chelsea home are a practical and visually beautiful way for homeowners to improve their privacy.

Privacy screens Chelsea come in a variety of materials, colours, and styles, and can lend a touch of architectural design to your home while. They also secure areas that would otherwise be exposed, such as decks for outdoor dining, front fences, and even balconies.

Privacy Screens Chelsea

We are a leading provider of privacy screens in Melbourne’s bayside area. Our privacy screens offer more than simply privacy, and they also provide a variety of lifestyle benefits. Privacy screens may provide protection from the elements in harsh climates by blocking out the sun, wind, and rain while still providing an area to enjoy with family and friends.

Privacy Screens Chelsea

As you can see in the picture, Giamar™’s privacy screens are a framed slatted screen with just enough space between slats to keep you connected to the outside world. In addition to other benefits, they are a great choice for front or backyards, balconies, and outside spaces.

Giamar™ privacy screens are customisable, which means that you can set the spacing between the slats to match your needs.

The screens are low-maintenance, do not need to be painted, and are perfect for Melbourne’s variable weather conditions. Furthermore, they can be custom manufactured and installed to suit unique windows.

Benefits of Privacy Screens Chelsea

Following are some of the benefits of privacy screens:

  • Controls the amount of light that enters your home, making your home look vibrant and natural
  • Function as insulators, allowing heat to stay in during the cold winter months and cool air during the hot summer months.
  • Help with energy consumption in the home by reducing excessive heat and the use of air conditioners.
  • Increases privacy and security

Looking for a cost-effective way to improve your privacy?

Established in 1995, we are a Melbourne-based family-owned and operated roller shutter firm specialising in high-quality shutters. We design, manufacture and install custom products, as well as assist with maintenance and repairs.

Our range of products includes:

  • Architectural Screens
  • External Venetian Blinds
  • Privacy Screens
  • Roller Shutters
  • Roller Tilt Shutters

Our privacy screens will give your windows a new level of design and practicality, as well as allow you to manage the elements and attain a new degree of comfort.

If you are looking for privacy screens in Chelsea contact Giamar™ today. Our professional team will help you design the right screen to suit your needs, while also catering to your style preferences.