If you want to spruce up the exterior of your Mornington Peninsula home while enjoying other benefits, Privacy Screens Balnarring are ideal.


Giamar™ installs privacy screens in Balnarring and other suburbs, so you can enjoy the many benefits yourself. Stylish, custom-designed screens do even more than give you privacy. You can even save all your cooling and heating needs.

The dark charcoal of the privacy screens and louvres at the Balnarring home look fantastic and are completely flexible. The motorised sun louvres can be kept open to let the sun in, or closed to protect the area from the elements.

The privacy screens installed on the upper levels of the property show just how well these screens help residents to keep their private lives, well, private!

Privacy Screens Balnarring Beach - OPT

Enjoy the many benefits

Privacy screens like the ones on this Balnarring property improve privacy and security as you go about your daily business. They provide protection against prying eyes and intruders alike. You can also control how much light enters your home and block unwanted glare. Additionally, it helps keep out heat in summer, meaning you get to save on your cooling costs. Likewise in winter it acts as a form of insulation, helping to keep the warmth inside your home, which could contribute to lower energy consumption and therefore, lower bills. It provides excellent protection against wind, storms and accidental damage to windows and doors.

Motorised Sun Louvres Balnarring

They look great too

Giamar™ is a family-owned and operated roller shutter company. This company designs, manufactures, and installs custom products, specialising in high-quality shutters. They’ve been doing this since 1995 so they really know their stuff. Their full range of products includes architectural screens, privacy screens, external Venetian blinds, roller shutters, and roller tilt shutters. Their products have strong, double-skinned, extruded aluminum slats, powder-coated in a wide range of complementary colours. They are stylish and aesthetically pleasing, plus you can pick a colour that will pair perfectly with your home’s exterior.


With added privacy, security, and protection from storms and accidental damage, privacy screens are an invaluable addition to your home. Plus, you get the benefits of saving on cooling and heating costs and you can adjust the amount of light that enters your home. Contact Giamar™ for a consultation today.

Privacy Screens Mornington Peninsula