With a combination of style, security, and practicality, Giamar™’s Modern Roller Tilt Shutters Melbourne are the perfect solution for your home.

Home design and styles have changed a lot in recent years. Contemporary houses are now streamlined, understated, and practical. These characteristics fit perfectly with modern roller tilt shutters in trendy Melbourne. They are designed to be highly functional while blending in seamlessly with the architecture of today’s streetscape.


Simple Yet Stylish


Modern roller tilt shutters imbue homes with subtle, low-key sophistication and style. They contribute a certain flourish adding that final touch, tying the property together. Giamar™’s tilt roller shutters can also be custom coloured to complement surroundings, either blending in flawlessly or adding an exciting contrast to add further character. Best of all, they are extremely user-friendly and made to be as simple as possible to operate. A no-fuss personalised product, more and more homeowners are switching to roller tilt shutters as their window and home-protection solution.

Modern Roller Tilt Shutters Melbourne

Safe and Secure


Most people planning to build a home place just as much importance on safety as style. These days, one’s privacy is more valued than ever before. However, there is a fine line between ensuring your property is protected without becoming a prisoner in your own home. Modern roller tilt shutters strike this balance perfectly, being able to be opened as you like to let in the outside world before being completely sealed up when privacy is required. Unlike most other window covering alternatives, roller tilt shutters will continue to protect whether open or closed. These shutters are made of strong, double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats. Therefore, potential threats like storm damage, misplaced balls, or anything else that comes at your windows will be immediately disarmed, and without you having to live in darkness!


For a secure, comprehensive window shutter solution that fits the modern home, contact Giamar™ today to discover more about our revolutionary new roller tilt shutters!