Make the most of your living areas with External Window Shutters from Giamar™.

Does the lighting and temperature of your living area feel off? Do your windows seem fragile and exposed? Rather than looking inwards, we think the answer lies outdoors with external window shutters!

The benefits of external window shutters can be broadly broken up into three categories: lighting, temperature, and security. Let’s take a look at each.

External Window Shutters

Fixing Lighting Issues with Exterior Window Shutters

Living rooms often face the street and have the best views in the house. The downside of this is the blinding amounts of light let in through windows, at times making them an unpleasant place to spend time. While curtains and blinds can fix these issues, they will often make the room grim and dark. On the other hand, window shutters will drastically cut down the sun’s harmful rays before they touch your home. They are completely adjustable, so you can move them in sync with the seasons for the perfect level of light without any unpleasant and potentially damaging glare.

Controlling the Temperature with External Window Shutters

Keeping the sun’s rays off your windows has an additional benefit – temperature control. Without beams of the hot Australian sun directly shining through, your house will stay cool during the summer whilst remaining bright and lively. In winter, they can also provide additional insulation, and can be completely opened up to let in as much sun as possible.

Beefing Up Security with Exterior Window Shutters

Made with strong, double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats, our window shutters also play the dual role of protecting fragile windows from the dangers of the outside world. This includes damage from storms and wind, misplaced balls, or burglars seeking to break in. Often at the front, living rooms bear the brunt of whatever is thrown at your home. While stylish and tasteful, their formidable appearance acts as a warning sign saying “don’t even bother” to those with nefarious intentions. If you want to rest easy knowing your property and family are safe, then external window shutters are a must-have addition to the home.

Along with lighting/temperature control and added security, there are loads of other benefits to be enjoyed with external window shutters. Contact Giamar™ today to find out more!


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