External Venetian Blinds Melbourne

External Venetian Blinds Melbourne
External Venetians Melbourne


External Venetian Blinds Melbourne are a suitable alternative for certain types of exteriors. Whether you’re looking for a sleeker, more modern alternative, or if you are looking for energy-efficient security and lighting options, external Venetian blinds may be for you. Giamar™ prides itself in providing shutters and screens for all security, ventilation, and lighting solutions in Victoria. External Venetian blinds are but one of many options that we have on offer. These external blinds with slats adjust to your desired angle, allowing you to manage the ambience, lighting, and ventilation.

The 80mm wide-slat Venetian blind is perfect for exterior use, and protects against glare and heat, allowing excellent graduation of light levels. The wider slat separation provides greater visibility of the outdoors, in horizontal position. The wide-slat external Venetian blinds Melbourne are also practically noise-free, with a choice or swinging rod or motorised operation. Give yourself more control and comfort with these blinds. Additionally, the accentuated profile and lateral edge of the Venetian blind’s slat design considerably increases its stability. This special model can be used under normal conditions as weather protection and external security.

Quality External Venetian Blinds Melbourne with Giamar™

Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable and premium quality external Venetian blinds in Melbourne. Giamar™’s reliable Venetian blinds installation adds privacy, lighting control, external aesthetic, and property value, and overall safety for windowed areas. These external blinds are a great ventilation solution for your home or business. External blinds also grant you a more reliable way to reduce external noise. Alongside insulation, ventilation, and noise reduction, the slatted blinds are perfect for ensuring the stability of your external blinds installation, lessening the need for added maintenance in the future. With all these capabilities, Giamar™’s external blinds are a perfect way to conserve energy and reduce the costs of your energy bills. Giamar™’s innovative approach to shutters & screens also applies to our external Venetian blinds Melbourne: we aim to provide the highest quality service with our external Venetian blinds to improve your interior living and working conditions.

External Venetian Blinds Melbourne are unique for:

  • Providing security and privacy
  • External noise reduction capabilities
  • Aesthetic authenticity, for added property value
  • Needing less maintenance than internal curtains and blinds
  • Being a stable and reliable lighting and ventilation solution

Window shutters are used for:

  • Entry doors and sliding doors
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Large windows and skylights
  • Screening porches
  • Outdoor lounge areas

Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted shutter and screen manufacturer and installer. Our high level of professionalism, high quality work and long-lasting results make us the premium choice for external Venetian blinds Melbourne installation. Contact us today to find out more about your external Venetian blinds options.


Giamar™ is Victoria’s trusted manufacturer and installer for all your window roller tilt shutter needs, including external Venetian blinds in Melbourne.  We find efficient, innovative and versatile roller tilt shutters that address all your needs, ranging from privacy and security to saving energy and adding aesthetic value to the exterior of your home in Victoria. Window roller shutters by Giamar™ transform your business or personal property, giving you a comfortable, convenient and secure interior. All our window roller shutters, roller tilt shutters and external Venetian blinds Melbourne can be customised according to your needs, allowing you to choose the colour, size, and method of operation, whether it be remote-controlled, automatic, or manual.

Our biggest strength lies in the integrity, design, and accessibility features of our products. At Giamar™, we set ourselves apart from typical roller shutters by using high-quality, high-impact extruded aluminium, a virtually indestructible material that can also be crafted into a space-saving exterior solution for all your privacy and security needs. We provide installation services, working at a high level of professionalism aimed at putting you at ease and making you feel safer with our premium window roller tilt shutters.

Find out more about how we set the high standard for advanced security and design for both homes and businesses.

External Venetian Blinds Melbourne

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