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Decorative Privacy Screens Melbourne – Function and Style

Decorative Screens Melbourne are a fabulous way of protecting the home without forgoing space, style, or turning it into a jail. While remarkably effective at blocking views from outside, they feel open and inviting for those inside, adding that final splash of colour tying your property together.

Flawless Privacy

So, what are privacy screens in Melbourne? As suggested by their name, privacy screens are open fence-like structures that strengthen the privacy of a property by impeding outside views. They can be easily set up to cover those spots that are missed by fences, and are particularly useful around pool deckings, outdoor dining areas, or front yards exposed to the street. While not a comprehensive security solution like fencing or walls, they add that extra layer of privacy often lacking in Australian homes, making you feel less exposed and safer.

Timeless Style

Aside from safety, the next best aspect of Melbourne privacy screens is style. For many, their primary service is purely decorative, adding colour and flair to lacklustre spaces and filling aesthetic gaps. This allows the more fashion-conscious amongst us to protect their homes without turning it into Fort Knox. We opted for simple, timeless design, guaranteed to pair with all kinds of architecture and remain ageless as trends come and go. Made from sturdy, top-quality metal, these privacy screens are both inviting and warm while also appearing tough and formidable, serving as a warning to potential intruders.

Your Choice of Colours

We can custom paint your Melbourne privacy screens in a diverse range of Colorbond colours to ensure seamless coordination with the surrounding colour scheme. Feel free to bring in a photo of your home and we’ll find a colour to match it!



Is your property missing something? Do you feel too exposed? Privacy screens Melbourne is the answer! Contact us today!

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