We’re completely in love with this beautiful look, and the owners of this Balcony Enclosure Watsonia agree.

Privacy screens from Giamar™ made the perfect balcony enclosure, as you can see with this property in the northeast Melbourne suburb of Watsonia.

The balcony enclosure in Watsonia complements the lovely timber façade of the building and provides all the security you could ever need.

For this install, the owner of the home chose a classic charcoal colorbond colour, giving a great modern edge to the brilliant exterior design. The screens themselves allow just the right amount of light in, as well as allowing visibility from the balcony to the views beyond.

The colour of the balcony enclosure Watsonia also matches the upper-level window frames, which helps tie in all the design elements.

These lucky residents can enjoy the balcony space and relax, knowing that the privacy they get from this custom designed and manufactured product will keep stop curious eyes from wandering their way.

They can also rest easy with the knowledge that their loved ones will be safe – one look at these screens tells you just how secure they are!

Privacy Screens - Balcony Enclosure Watsonia
Privacy Screens - Balcony Enclosure Watsonia

Privacy Screens from Giamar™ have a number of applications

This balcony enclosure Watsonia is not the only way privacy screens can enhance a home or business. The unique product has plenty of great uses, including:

  • Spa enclosures
  • Verandas, patio and deck enclosures
  • Balustrades
  • Garage and carport screens
  • Air conditioning units
  • Rubbish bins or unsightly areas
  • Aluminium fencing
  • Steel gazebos
  • Decorative screening

With summer coming up we’ll all be spending a lot more time outside. What better – and simple – way to dress up those less attractive areas around our outdoor entertaining areas that with quality privacy screens by Giamar™.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our privacy screens, roller shutters, roller tilt shutters, or external venetian blinds can make your home or business look amazing (while also adding functionality) contact the Giamar™ team today.