Balcony Enclosure Preston – Safety and Privacy!

Do you want to have privacy while protecting against glare and the summer heat? Opt for something multifunctional like this Balcony Enclosure in Preston.

Additions like this balcony enclosure Preston offer so much. They offer not just privacy, but security, protection from summer heat and unwanted glare, plus provide winter warmth and lessen external noise. They will help with reducing energy consumption in the home too.


Balcony Enclosure Preston - Privacy Screens

More than just privacy

External blind products installed on the outside of your home like this balcony enclosure in Preston, have so many benefits. Privacy and security go hand in hand, and with this, you get both. It’s almost impossible for anyone to look in. You and your family can go about your business without worrying about eyes looking in, and they also make it difficult for wannabe intruders to get in. Meanwhile, during summer, you can enjoy cooler temps than you would without the enclosure, saving on cooling costs. They’re great all year long – in winter, heating costs may also be reduced as your home is partially shielded from the cold.

Other products that may suit your home

Giamar™ is a family-owned and operated roller shutter company established in 1995, specialising in high quality shutters. They design, manufacture, and install custom products. They have several options that may suit your home: Architectural screens, privacy screens, external venetian blinds, rollers shutters and roller tilt shutters. So many choices, all with amazing benefits.

Strong and stylish

Unique roller tilt shutters, screens and enclosures have strong double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats, powder coated in a wide range of complementary colours so your home will look great. They never fail to provide excellent protection against temperature extremes, storms, intruders and accidental damage to windows and doors. Even external noise is reduced.

Protect your home from the elements while enjoying privacy and lower energy costs. Contact Giamar™ for a quote today.