Privacy Screens Balcony Enclosure Greesborough

Balcony Enclosure Greensborough


Private, practical and for want of a better word “pretty” to look at, you can’t go past this balcony enclosure Greensborough.

Blending in perfectly with the pre-existing structure, this balcony enclosure Greensborough ticks all the boxes when it comes to adding to the appeal and aesthetics of the home.

Beautifully appointed and positioned, this balcony enclosure Greensborough offers up endless opportunities and multifunction uses. You can soak up the sun, enjoy some time out with a book, finish off last minute work on your laptop, relax for a few minutes at the end of a long day, snooze the day away or even just hide from the kids (in a good way of course).

While enclosing off the balcony space and putting a private spin on things (bye bye nosy neighbours), it also creates an extra element to the inside room, giving off that extra space vibe and allowing the free flow between the two areas. You can bring the inside world out and the outside world in, allowing for fresh air and light to travel between the two spaces, while being filtered at the same time.

Of course while we can all appreciate the sleek and blended look of this balcony enclosure, it also serves a great purpose when it comes to the weather. It will keep the majority of sunlight away – say goodbye to the glare – allowing some to filter through for natural light and a little warmth in those cooler months. It’s a space you can enjoy all year round, with the exception of those pesky rainy and freezing cold days!

The secure nature of this enclosure is what really works best. You gain your privacy and security from unwanted intruders, including bugs and other creatures – we do live in Australia after all! Plus you have that added layer of protection against any accidental damage to the external door.

At Gimar™, we design, manufacture and install custom products. So, if you’re after a unique look that matches in with your home, talk to us and we’ll see what we can come up with!

Balcony Enclosure Greensborough
Greensborough Balcony Enclosure
Balcony Enclosure Privacy Screens Greensborough