At Giamar™ we are revolutionising the roller shutter industry! We proudly manufacture the most practical and beautiful architectural screens, privacy screens, external venetian blinds, and various roller shutters in Melbourne. In fact, Giamar ™ products are custom-made right here in our Melbourne workshop. Our unique designs not only enhance the appeal of your home, but they also give you 100% control over light, privacy, unwanted glare, summer heat, winter warmth, and external noise.

If you’re looking for top quality roller shutters and outdoor screens, you can rely on Giamar ™ Melbourne!


Roller Tilt Shutters

Roller Tilt Shutters

Only Giamar ™ Roller Tilt Shutters have a unique Tilt feature which allows you to control your environment by staying warm in winter and cool in summer with a one touch control.

Besides these excellent insulation and ventilation benefits, the tilt control also lets you manage the noise and light coming into your home.

Roller Shutters Melbourne

Roller Shutters Melbourne

Giamar™ Window Roller Shutters are suitable for low security applications. They provide a physical barrier against rain, hail, wind, and dust.

Giamar™ roller shutters are extremely efficient in both hot and cold weather conditions providing added insulation with the added bonus of sound deadening qualities.

Roller Tilt Shutters

External Venetians Blinds

The 80mm Wide-slat Venetian Blind for exterior use protects against glare and heat, allowing excellent graduation of light levels.

The accentuated profile and lateral edge of the slat design considerably increases its stability and what’s more, this special model can be used under normal conditions as weather protection and external security.

Steel Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

Giamar™ Privacy Screens are made to meet all Council building regulations. Our architecturally designed screens can be used in both domestic and commercial works for a huge range of applications including privacy screening, architectural fascias, entry gates, decorative screening plus much more.

Our privacy screens can add a touch of distinctiveness, originality, and class along with increasing the privacy and even security of your home.

At Giamar ™, we find you the most efficient, innovative, and versatile solution to reduce the energy consumption and emissions in your home or building, while also providing ultimate security in roller shutter technology. We’re proud to say that because of our excellent products and seamless customer service, we are now one of the most sought-after providers of premium roller shutters.

You can trust Giamar ™ to provide assistance in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-made decorative, shading, and privacy solutions for any application. We would be more than happy to help you transform your property into an environment that’s comfortable, convenient, and secure with our amazing roller shutters!


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